what's the weather like today?

how is the weather?

what's the temperature?

how's the weather forcast?


( bad, cloudy, shiny ) weather 



a clear sky

hot and humid korea summer  / humid air


smoggy, foggy



windy, cloudy, lightning, rainy, stormy

a cool breeze

a heavy rain / a windy day /

it's raining cats and dogs.     / I am all soaked wet.


warm< hot < sizzling, scorching, muggy

a warm climate

a hot day



chilly / cold < freezing

a cold wind

It's freezing cold.

getting cold, getting hot, getting warm

not too hot, not too cold


It's nice out today.

It's a nice day isn't it?    it sure is. I wish I could stay outside all day.

what does the sky look?

It looks like rain.


It's awfully cold outside
It is awfully bright, though
= The sun is hurting my eyes, though.


I'm sensitive to the cold.  / heat.                 

farmer's tan          

UV way


water play    life jacket


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